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Living willow sculpture

I spent this morning doing some maintenance on the living willow sculpture and community willow beds I created at Lawley Community Garden last year. It was commissioned by Bournville Village Trust in Lawley Village and Lawley and Overdale Parish Council as part of their King’s Coronation Celebrations, supported by Telford & Wrekin Council.

Living willow sculpture at Lawley Community Garden
Living willow sculpture at Lawley Community Garden

The piece is inspired by the design of a crown and was made in collaboration with local community groups and schools in Lawley. It features a handcrafted rustic oak bench made by the Wyre Community Land Trust and has become a popular place to sit and enjoy the views of the park.

Living willow structures and sculptures make great additions to parks, gardens and public spaces. Maintenance is simple - every winter, you prune back or weave in the summer’s growth to keep the original form and ensure it doesn’t get too overcrowded or shaded. The ground should be kept weed free, and ties and ground membranes checked to ensure the rods aren’t being constricted.

My calendar is booked up for living willow projects this year, but get in touch to find out more and to make a booking for 2025.

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